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What do you do with your time between trips?

Well, we work on vans, build window screens and plan other trips. Our last trip was coast to coast across the northern states. So we started thinking of a coast to coast trip across the southern states.

Prior to our last trip we had discussed a van build with a neighbor. He knew the circumstances of our taking a sudden vacation and waited for us to return to have his van build done.

My neighbor has a Ford Transit passenger van, medium roof height. He had taken the back seats out and had a solid plan for how he wanted to utilize the space. We just needed to bring the vision to reality.

This van is a daily driver, work van and family weekender. They have already started making great memories.

We had begun selling our window screens, writing blog posts on our new website and ultimately started a new business. We had no idea if the screens would be popular. I listed them on Marketplace/Facebook and we sold out of the initial screens and needed more material quickly. That is easier said than done, so I pulled the listing until we could get some more supply. We ordered a stack of material to build our K.I.S.S. Airflow van window screens. Off we went to south county San Diego... look at this stack of stuff on our bed!

It was time to make more screens! We got busy for several days and caught up on our sales, relisted the product and decided it was time for a short trip to Mammoth Lakes. The last time we were there was about 14 years ago and we camped in a Honda Element. It was great fun and we loved that Element but it was no Mercedes Sprinter Van.

This was basically a test run for traveling with our black Lab, Shadow. We knew we would be taking a cross-country trip soon and wanted to see what it would be like with Shadow. He was a real trooper! He's about 13 years old and doesn't like being far from us and we missed him on our last trip.

Shadow stuck with us on our hikes and seemed to be just fine away from home. Mammoth was beautiful and the other campers were great. We had such a relaxing time just exploring and hanging out by the fire. We took a little side trip to Bodie State Historical Park and ended up getting into a little trouble.

We recently bought a Mavic Mini 2 drone and decided to give it a go at Bodie. Well a Park Ranger very nicely reprimanded us and asked us not to post the footage to Social Media. We agreed and asked where the closest place was to fly the drone. She told us and we were on our way, thankfully we had looked around already.

I can't finish this post without telling you about the best sandwich ever! Not to mention their beef jerky would be a crime! Mahogany Smoked Meats in Bishop is a must stop on the way to and from Mammoth Lakes.

My son and his beautiful girlfriend had set a wedding date, which means I need a new dress. Now I won't bore you with the details of me shopping for a Mother-of-the-Groom dress - but it took some time and my best friend was there every step of the way. Even when I bought 4 pairs of shoes that all looked the same. sshhhhh!

This pretty much sums up our time between trips, during COVID that is. We're getting close to the wedding date and we are planning to take that opportunity to kickstart our southern states tour. Please subscribe to get updated on when that posts because it will be another epic journey.


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