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US Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds are the best!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Have you been looking for the perfect getaway? So have I! In 2020 Darin and I visited the lower 48 in our converted sprinter van and slept in some crazy spots along the way. By sheer dumb luck we stumbled upon a US Army Corps of Engineers Campground in Arkansas. We had very low expectations of what we might encounter when we drove in. The plan was to visit the Crater of Diamonds, the real gem was the COE campground.

Once we settled in I frantically started searching the internet for as much info as I could find on this mystical creature! This campground had tables, power and water at the site, HEATED private showers and clean restrooms all for the insane price of $18 per night during season and $14 off-season. There were hiking trails, a beach, a playground, fishing and the option to rent a BOAT!! The space between campsites was big enough to put two more sites in between, seriously the space was incredible.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and get this guide to the best campgrounds ever! The bonus is that if you have one of those lifetime National Parks passes your cost is cut in half or free. You really can not beat that. There are usually 14 day limits but these campgrounds are in about 34 states and from what I can tell so far there is usually a body of water involved. Who doesn't like waking up to that? Here's another in Oklahoma:

We were literally the only campers at one of the campgrounds we found in this guide.

The guide can be downloaded on the Kindle App or you can order a paperback copy from Amazon.

I am an Amazon Affiliate associate and may receive a small commission if you purchase from these links, your price isn't affected at all. Having said that, you will really enjoy this guide and the campgrounds, I'm sure of it. I have shared this info with friends and family and the ones that have been were overjoyed by what they found. I for one will be visiting as many as I can in the years to come.

Be sure to get your K.I.S.S. Airflow for the front windows! Keep that air moving and keep the bugs out!


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