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The Slow Grind of dealing with Local Government red tape during a home renovation

While we were living in a van and working on our home renovation project I found myself missing the open road as well as the other joys of traveling. When living in such close quarters you learn more about yourself and your partner than you may have ever wanted to know. . I'm eager to see what rewards lie at the end of this journey!

Waiting for a residential building permit was a challenging process due to several factors. First, the local government has regulations in place that need to be met before a permit can be issued. Second, the volume of permit applications can also play a role in delays. . Time of year and weather also impacts the wait time. Administrative issues such as understaffing, budget cuts, and other bureaucratic hurdles can also slow down the process.

Misinformation from the government can cause difficulties in the residential building permit process. If government officials provide incorrect information, about the requirements and the process, it can lead to errors in the application and result in delays. This happened to us, which was frustrating to say the least. In cases of government misinformation, it is important to verify the information or seek clarification, and to keep documentation of any communication with government officials.

Dealing with dishonest contractors during the permit process can be a major challenge. Dishonest contractors should be dealt with immediately. The guy we encountered thought threats of violence was the answer. Bullies are simple minded in my opinion and if you pull the 'covers' they usually tuck tail and run. Our 'bully' didn't quite do that as soon as he should have. Therefore, his negative consequences were harsh. I wish no ill will on anyone, but we will take great measures to keep us and ours safe.

To avoid dealing with dishonest contractors, it is important to thoroughly vet potential contractors by checking their references, licenses, and insurance. Reading reviews and checking with the local government to see if there have been any complaints can also help ensure that you are working with a trustworthy contractor. The individual we dealt with was the unofficial contractor for part of our process. If you suspect that your contractor may be dishonest, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible to reduce the potential damage.

In the end of the process he was involved in, we were able to achieve the result we wanted, albeit more costly, it was successful. He, however, lost his job due to his own stupidity.

The good news is we have completed our renovations and have already taken a trip or two. We love our little home and our new neighborhood.

As you can see... this house was in really bad shape. We had to jack up one side over five inches! We removed all plumbing, electric, insulation, all interior walls, replaced the roof, changed the windows, added additional space to the garage area, new doors and a nice big deck.

The upstairs living space is 480 square feet with an amazing view of Sinclair Inlet on Puget Sound. Here's a ton of pictures to show the progress... What's next for us? An epic trip to ITALY!

This little bathroom is in out guest dungeon... I refinished this 100 year old tub...

Darin on the deck watching 4th of July fireworks and I'm sitting on the sofa...

Until next time - smile at someone today!

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