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Sooo... My BFF tried to kill me, AGAIN! But our Sunglasses are the BOMB!

My best friend, Wendy, may look really sweet and kind in the following photo but don't let that beautiful smile fool you! She is a beast when it comes to exercise. Oh, and check out our new Rheos sunglasses. Over the years she has very coyly said things like: Wanna try Bikram Yoga? Should we go on a hike this weekend? Let's see what CrossFit is all about? Wanna go with me to my new bootcamp spot?

Yes, I'm smiling but I am fully aware of the physical test she's about to put me through! We've been up this hill before, literally. Funniest thing of all is when I'm gasping for breath she is saying: It flattens out right up here...

HA! I fell for that the first time up that hill but knew better this time. Now granted, since she has been inviting me to all these places for a few years, the first time we did it, I managed pretty well. This time was a bit different because of CA's lockdown. Yes, I blame the lockdown for not exercising as much as I should.

Wendy introduced me to Bikram Yoga several years ago. This was an eye-opener! I have practiced yoga off and on for years and can strike the pose. Well, the first time I went to Bikram Yoga with her I thought I had died and gone to Hell. So we went back the next day! We kept going regularly until 2020.

If you are keeping count, so far that's at least three near death experiences. The other two involved CrossFit and BootCamp. CrossFit is no joke and my hat is off to anyone that does that regularly. One must do these things regularly so the pain reduces over time. When Wendy invited me to the Boot Camp in our neighborhood, she said it's not as hard as CrossFit, I'm IN! Dear God!! There was nothing easy about it.

The good news is I do survive and am happy when it's over. The other thing that is a plus is that when we do these awful things regularly I get better at them. I do hope to one day do as well as she does. Another bonus is we shop for the occasion. New yoga clothes, (Hello LuluLemon) new tennis shoes, new socks and so on. Wendy is a great shopping buddy.

This more recent excursion we donned our new shades for the dreaded hike up that hill. She and I recently got some Rheos Nautical Eyewear sunglasses. These are a must have. They are lightweight, comfortable and Polarized. Best of all, they FLOAT! We enjoy Stand-up Paddleboarding and love that these sunglasses won't sink to the ocean floor where so many other brands are buried at Sea. Check them out HERE. I have had many different kinds of sunglasses over the years and can honestly say these are very nice. I didn't feel the need to take them off due to pinching behind my ears like many others I've tried. The selection of style, shape and color is pretty impressive. I'm really enjoying seeing the world through Rose-colored glasses.


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