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San Diego Zoo, San Francisco and a World Record

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Getting to this point of our van build has been a slow gradual progression. This latest addition of the Lagun Table mount was a bit of a game changer. The mattress covers brought some color to our happy place and the cork board gave us something to look forward to.

Once we returned home from Texas we got right back into our regular routine, I've described that in a previous post, here's a picture of my 95 year old father-in-law (Pops) taking his morning walk. Oh, and that is Shadow, our 11-year old black lab.

On our drive home from each trip, I mentally start plotting the next one. I try to not take advantage of the absolute ANGEL (Michelle) that helps us with Pops and I'm forever grateful that she is so willing to step in and take care of things while I'm away.

Plans started taking shape for a trip to San Francisco (AGAIN!?!?) First, I love that city. Second, I love my uncle... so yes, I'm always planning another trip to San Francisco. BUT FIRST! We were graced with a fantastic visit from these guys, my nephew Aaron and his amazing wife Alexis. Their first born is William and he is just about as cute as any kid can be, outside of my own, of course. We decided a trip to the San Diego Zoo was in order.

The zoo was fantastic, seeing places like this with a small child is so special that words can not describe. San Diego's climate did not disappoint.

After the adventures of the zoo, it was time to put those kids to work! It was William's job to help mow the grass. Of course after a hard days work, we all deserve some sofa time.

Before I tell you about my next solo trip I just have to share this:

No words...

Ok, San Francisco here I come. I always like to feel useful when I visit my uncle and he accommodates by letting me tinker occasionally. So I tell myself, he needs me to visit. On the way up I decided to take in the views and not rush, this has been the hardest part for me. One must learn to relax. Therefore, I stopped a few times to walk around and enjoy the moment. This is an amazing beach trail in Pacifica just south of San Francisco.

This Dutch Windmill is an iconic sight to see at the beach in San Francisco not to mention the Beach Chalet nearby. My uncle has toured me around this city many times, never have I been disappointed. He may have missed his calling, the history and information he has stored away is simply amazing.

After day-tripping around the beach area I made my way to my uncle's to see what I could get into. The doorbell needed attention, I did some recon and determined that it was above my pay-grade. This task would have to wait for another visit, oh darn, I've got to go back to San Francisco again, and soon. The good news is the primo parking I found, check this out:

And of course, this view he has, never gets old.

See Sutro Tower rising above the fog? Majestic, makes me think of a tall ship sailing by in the distance.

While I was visiting my uncle, my son Franklin was in Illinois jumping out of planes. This article in the Parachutist magazine tells you all about it. The short story is that they were shooting for a triple digit number of jumpers in a Head-up formation. Although they achieved just that, it did not register as a World record due to how the record keeping folks decide what constitutes a record. After four days of jumps and some generosity from some great people, they were able to set a new World Record of 84 in the formation. Here is a snapshot of the formation from the magazine. You really should click the link and read about the specifics.

My plan was to tell you about some National Parks we visited and some BLM land camping but that will be in the next edition. Please do join me and I'll also clue you in on the doorbell saga.

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