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From Remnants of the Gilded Age in Newport RI to Manhattan

After the blizzard... of 2022 we continued our journey south.

The storm really pelted the NE and left many without power. We saw cars nearly covered and homes that would be difficult to get in and out of.

There is a beauty and marvel when seeing the snow piled high at the edge of a large body of water. Whether it is the ocean, a lake, a river or a bay. The sight never ceases to get my attention.

The east coast is dotted with friends and family that we like to visit and believe it or not they actually welcome us. We do not over stay that welcome so we can return one day. We figure one or two nights is plenty. The first on our list is in Manhattan but they work real jobs so we want to arrive on a weekend. That means taking the slow roads and sightseeing a few days to arrive at just the right time.

This brings us to Rockport, the Salem Witch burial grounds, Plymouth Rock and the castles of Newport Rhode Island.

We love the towns that feature their unique attractions, Salem did not disappoint.

As we have mentioned, many times, we sell our K.I.S.S. Airflow from the road and often times need to find Post Offices. As we cruised along close to the coast in Massachusetts we got the alert that a sale was made. We ended up in a tiny community, located the Post Office and pulled in. It was closed so we just stayed the night since the parking lot was flat and everything else was snow covered. No one bothered us but when morning came and employees were arriving we left before they opened so as to not irritate anyone and found another post office later that day.

Potty Mouth Alert! Here is our visit to Plymouth Rock... No idea who Sachareecha was but Darin says he or she was a guide back in the day...??

Who has seen the new HBO series The Gilded Age by Julian Fellows?

Well, anyway, they talk of folks building homes in Newport. Home is an understatement if I ever heard one. The castles and Mansions are practically obscene!

We drove out to Fort Adams for a look see while hoping to spot a location to park for the night. There were several options in Newport that we considered then we found Kings Beach.

This gem had a gravel road to an old boat launch area kind of hidden. The sunset was spectacular and the night's sleep was peaceful.

After Newport we wanted to see Cape Cod and Provincetown. This is a must see, truly. The streets are narrow but well worth it to get out there and have a bite to eat. Check out this quirky cafe and their lobster roll.

We still had some time to manage before entering the Madness of NYC so we found an iOverlander spot near Higganum, CT at the foot of a trailhead. This was a sweet spot, while there a young man pulls in beside us to 'reflect upon his day'. Must have been a rough day because shortly after he pulled in and said hi, he rolled up his windows and the car filled with clouds of smoke. Shortly after he drove away... This spot suited us for the night.

We made our way to a Thousand Trails Campground in East Stroudsburg, PA. Upon checking in we were told there was a snow storm brewing and they may not be available. This didn't bother us any after the snow storms we had already faced. Besides, all we really wanted was to do laundry and get a hot shower which worked out great for us.

Next stop? Manhattan... We have entered Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel previously, this time we went in through the Lincoln Tunnel at a cost of $27! Yikes! But ok, we paid it and moved along. Our GPS directed us to turn right after the tunnel... thankfully we saw a sign that stated 8' clearance. Nope, that won't work for us, we need 10'6". We found a parking lot one block from Willow's apartment. The attendant said $100 for 24 hours and if you are one minute late it will be another $100. Nope, we decided to search for street parking. We found a spot a couple of blocks away and walked over to our destination. When we arrived the chatty maintenance man offered up his spot, which was at the front door of the building. We quickly retrieved the van and pulled into the primo spot right! What a nice guy!

This was a Saturday morning. We fed the meter until 6pm and parked free on Sunday, then fed the meter again on Monday. So we paid less than $100 for three nights in Manhattan including the tunnel toll. We scored big time.

Willow and Matteo treated us to amazing meals and taught us a new card game. We had a great visit and in order to not overstay our welcome, we moved along.

Here is our photo dump from this portion of our trip. Join us again as we enter the south.


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