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From Prunedale to Cloverdale

This is one of my favorite views between Prunedale and Cloverdale... As we settle into our new lifestyle we have found that visiting family is one way to take in sights and slow the pace. I mean, we’ve been at this for eleven days and have only driven 735 miles. Is that weird? Our next stop was in Prunedale. Really, who doesn’t want that town on their list? Even more enticing is the nickname for the 13 mile stretch of highway 101 that goes through it called Blood Alley. Our purposes were for family time and Sunday afternoon BBQ.

Uriah, Evie & Ava joined Duane, Kathy, Darin & me for the afternoon of fun and eating. Family time is so great, we usually only stay a night or two so as to not wear out our welcome. This always gives us hope that we can pop in again one day.

We felt totally spoiled after the BBQ and gourmet breakfast. We made plans for a Monday afternoon bike ride in Monterey.

Darin (AKA Hip-alicious) and I charged up our LECTRIC bikes and joined our two tour guides,

Duane and Kathy, for a beautiful ride in downtown Monterey.

By the way, our tour guide and Host with the Most excellent BBQ, says if he wakes up to a bunch of vans in the driveway, they’ll have to foot the grocery bill. Oh and he takes Crypto!

On our last night in Prune-tucky, I mean Prunedale, we went out for a bite of Sushi. When we left the restaurant we saw a large work truck backing out of a spot. It didn't stop until it slammed into a parked car. I guess to be honest, it wasn't really backing out as there was no driver. It apparently wasn't actually in park either. The driver had hopped out and entered the Sushi bar for dinner. Darin went and retrieved the guy, asking if it was his flatbed.

All sorts of expletives came flying out of the young man's mouth. See that huge tow hitch on that truck? It basically impaled that white car and moved it about three feet. No idea where the owner of the white car was so we took photos and went on our way. As we left, the flatbed truck driver was hanging his head in shame and sadness. Then re-entered the Sushi restaurant. That's all we know about that.

Next stop? Time to visit my uncle in San Francisco. When visiting Uncle we always try to do a chore or two. So hedge and tree trimming were on the list. I started with the electric pole saw to get the out of reach limbs then switched to the electric hedge trimmers and Darin took over. About 15 minutes in there was a whoops! The hedge trimmer somehow chewed up the extension cord. Hmmm, no more chores for us.

After a couple of nights on the streets of San Francisco we hit the road again and headed north to Cloverdale.

This is another Thousand Trails campground that is tucked away near the Russian River. Tight roads and smaller sites but a very cool spot. We actually had to engage the 4 wheel drive in order to get ourselves out of a tough spot and then found a nice site that suited us just fine.

The plan was for two nights here but we have family in the area and wanted to get some face to face time in, we added a night to our stay. If you find yourself in Cloverdale be sure to visit the Eagles Nest for a fantastic burger or patty melt. You won't be disappointed.

Just south of Cloverdale we each have a nephew to visit. After stocking up at the grocery store we stopped in to see this nice young man and his roommate.

They shared some hip, slick and cool tips with us and we shared a few old crusty ideas with them and headed back to camp.

The next morning Dylan, Darin's nephew, of SHELDONWINES.COM drove up for a visit. We live in a two seater converted sprinter van that isn't set up for receiving guests. So we sat at the picnic table in 40 degree weather chatting it up for 3-4 hours. If you are a wine drinker you MUST visit their website and get to know Dylan & Tobe. They have traveled all over the world learning, teaching, working and consulting about all things WINE.

If you know someone on your Christmas list who enjoys wine, contact Sheldon Wines to help you out with checking them off the shopping list.

So far the consensus has been that we are crazy to be headed north at this time. However, we are in no hurry whatsoever and can pull over and wait out any bad weather that comes our way. Plus the fact we have 4 wheel drive, a winch, water and food. I think we’ll be ok. We purposefully packed for cold weather.

I have mentioned this before during another cold weather trip. Layers are key. I love the brand 32 Degrees for layering without the bulk.

Their prices are amazing and you can usually catch a sale. For basically any other winter item go over to Backcountry and take advantage of their holiday sale.

There is a winter storm headed our way that will be dumping snow in the Siskiyou's and I-5. Our plan is to get closer to the coast before venturing back in toward the 5 to visit yet more family and friends. So 101 North to 199 East to I-5... 199 is a beautiful road with stunning waterfalls...The newly acquired retirement lifestyle is so far awesome!


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