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Christmas Eve 2020 and there is plenty to celebrate

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Let's discuss some good things and let all the bad of 2020 wash away. I know some of us have to dig deep to find good in 2020 and by no means am I attempting to gloss over the tragedy of this year. It was rough. We all know it.

Please join me in reviewing 2020 and pick out as many good things as you can. I believe that if you close your eyes you can think of something that at the very least, stopped the tears. Personally, I would like to hear about them and would be overjoyed if you commented on this post with something that was good for you in 2020.

I use my photos to remind me of times that made me laugh or smile. So pick up that phone, open your photos app and scroll back to 1/1/2020 and remember something good.

This is the very first photo in my phone for 2020. Strangely enough that photo is about 30 years old. I can only imagine why I took a picture of a framed picture that I have had of Franklin and me for so many years. This picture makes me smile no matter what! I reviewed the rest of my pictures from 1/1/2020 and remembered that I had begun some 'Spring-cleaning" and reorganizing around the house.

In our previous blog posts we covered about half of 2020, the last post was about my BFF and her desire to torture me with exercise but before that we had covered the year through July 5th - ish.

We had slept on the bank of Lake Erie and were headed to New York... Buffalo, New York. We made our way to the home of the world famous Buffalo Wings. Anyone that knows me knows I love SPICY food. This was a must see for me. But wait, I also LOVE dark chocolate. Spicy dark chocolate works too but now I'm straying and here's why:

This photo was taken right before we entered the Home of the Buffalo Wings, so I had to share it. My little brother gave me this 11 pound bar of chocolate way back at the beginning of this journey across the country. Now back to spicy wings...

We entered with much anticipation and expectations! We sat at the bar and I immediately felt right at home! We made our decision on choice of wings and ordered... As we waited I snapped some random photos of the inside...

THIS was seriously a RANDOM shot:

Sooooo NOT funny, but seriously!?!?! Ok pretty funny, uncalled for, but funny.

These, however, were AMAZING! They really hit the spot and we are so glad we went.

Next up? Niagara Falls... In this particular photo we were of the mindset to not take the boat ride.

As you can see next, we changed our mind - Do NOT go to Niagara Falls and skip the boat ride!

This truly was an amazing sight to behold. We felt it as much as we saw it. Fun Fact... "There’s something else people notice about Niagara Falls, something subtle yet sudden when they feel the mist, inhale the fresh Niagara air, and gaze at the Falls colliding into the Lower River, as it makes its way into the open waters of Lake Ontario at Niagara-on-the-Lake. So what gives us that easy, relaxed, almost euphoric feeling of quiet well-being? Waterfalls are a natural source of negative ions, which can have positive physiological affects on mood and stress levels, as well as help some people breathe easier. The sheer amount of rushing, falling water releases massive amounts of negative ions into the air surrounding Niagara Falls. Secluded and forested areas are also known to have greater amounts of negative ions compared to urban, developed areas. There are plenty of hiking opportunities surrounding Niagara Falls as well, with the region being home to a diverse and unique ecosystem." Read more about this HERE.

So far we had been on the road for over 2 weeks and had not paid for one spot to sleep. Boondocking is awesome but can lead to a little stress if you want to be somewhere specific so we called a KOA and booked a night on Grand Island. I'm so glad we did because we met an awesome Van-lifer. Check in on Lifewithnomadj on Instagram, he is a really cool dude!

After Niagara Falls we had one more Lake to hit, Lake Ontario, before heading through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I'll pick back up here on the next post. Please do yourself and others a favor as we run with reckless abandon into 2021, look for something good to take with you from 2020.


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