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Are you making Spring Travel Plans? Time to stock up! Check out this list...

I have compiled a massive list of items that fulfill many wants and needs, you're gonna want to bookmark this post!

We would love to get into Canada and do a coast to coast trip but COVID prevents that for now. So we have to come up with a new idea and re-stock the van since we just remodeled. Proper storage and organization is so important when on a long trip. I've put together a list of our must haves and wanna-gets for future travels. Yes, yes there are some affiliate links, I know you know the drill. Making these lists and posting these items is fun for me and informative for some of you. So I will attempt to break this down into categories such as: Kitchen & Dining, Outdoor Comfort & Gadgets, Cleanliness, What to Wear, then whatever else I can think of before I publish this article.

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Kitchen & Dining

** First things first! Coffee Makers! Over the past few years we have had and used a variety of coffee setups. First, Dad gave me a 4 cup Mr Coffee machine that served it's purpose but I'm not a drip coffee kind of drinker. I've had a Delongi Espresso machine for years and gave that a go, but at the time our power supply struggled to maintain that. Primarily because I also use an electric bean grinder by Breville. Yes, yes, I know. At any rate, I want to try this device but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Jetboil Flash Java Kit. The setup I'm currently using is a gooseneck kettle and insulated French Press..

I usually use my favorite subscription coffee beans at home and take a bag on the road. Then I run out and start the hunt for beans. Until I find a good roaster I rely on Coffee Blender pour over pouches. Get yourself a pack for a great cuppa.

** I also like frothed half and half, I've used 2 styles. The electric one works when you are comfy with your electrical system. However, the battery operated wand style frother works great too.

** Our Coleman two burner stove is the old standby and they last for ever. Ours is over 40 years old! We also use a cast iron griddle that is indestructible, unless you don't know how to care for it. We use Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner while traveling.

** This handy picnic set has cutlery, plates, scissors, cutting board and a carry bag.

** 12v Iceco Fridge - So many varieties to choose from but we opted for the chest style to reduce cold air escape like you experience in a front door style. Dometic has many to choose from and they are very popular in custom Van builds.

** The Lagun Table System - this table mount is so versatile, depending on where you mount it, you can use it indoors or outdoors.

** MiiR insulated coffee cups, water bottles and tumblers are a must have, really - I even use one at home to drink my coffee.

Outdoor Comfort & Gadgets

** Annie Oakley outdoor body bug spray - This shop really needs some exposure, their products are so awesome and the bug spray is the best I've ever used. Don't Touch Me Outdoor Body Spray

** K.I.S.S. Airflow Van Window Bug Screens

** Outdoor rug - Keep the dirt outside!

** Relax in a Hammock! Take a load off and just enjoy your spot for the afternoon. This one also keeps the mosquitos off while you grab a cat nap.

** Camp Chairs are very important, these are easy and pack up small, the Cliq Chair is a no hassle setup. Amazon also has quite the selection of camp chairs but I really like the Cliq Chair.

** Awning, Fiamma Awning that is! This thing is so great! We got ours from Aluminess along with our roof rack and ladder.

** Innova Inflatable Stand up Paddle boards are durable & space saving not to mention FUN! If you prefer Kayaks or canoes, you can get an inflatable one too.


** Mini Vac - We use a Milwaukee handheld for a few reasons, the primary one is because we travel with Milwaukee tools and the batteries are interchangeable. This thing is fabulous and compact - so get the dirt out that you track in when you forget to put your outdoor rug down.

** Ok ladies - this is a big deal, when traveling we don't shower as often so take care of yourselves as best you can in between showers. I take a portable bidet and it is wonderful and effective,

** Cetaphil body wipes - yet another way to stay feeling fresh while traveling, baby wipes are also great.

** Speaking of showers - we have two. The first one we got is by Yakima, the Roadshower. It is great for the summer, we wanted something more effective for cooler temps so we bought the Hottap by Joolca. Amazon also carries similar camp showers.

** Natures Head composting toilet is such a great loo! I love that it is a separating toilet and literally has no smell.

** Shower tent by Wolfwise is perfect for a little privacy outdoors.

** Dr Bronners Liquid Castille Soap is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner that can be used for face & body, dishes, countertops and clothes. Get the soap - read the dilute instructions and create your own stock of cleaning supplies. It comes unscented or scented, you choose.

What to wear

Two great online outdoor shops for your camping & hiking needs are Backcountry & USOutdoors, they both have regular promos and quality gear and apparel.

** Floating Sunglasses!! Yes, when you are out on that inflated Kayak and you drop your glasses - just paddle over and pick them up! I can't tell you how many I've lost in the drink before getting a pair of these!

** Put a little Aloha in your step with OluKai Shoes

** My favorite shirts and undies come from 32 Degrees and if you click here you get free shipping on orders $32.00 and up.

** Life Is Good is a happy online shop that reminds us of just that! Life is Good - especially when on the road!

** Shall Not Comply is an apparel shop for Patriots. They carry all sorts of Tactical Gear and supplies that are handy when you want to consider self-defense and safety on your travels.

Everyone should have a hat - if you don't like bugs, give this one a try. Mosquito Net Hat

Traveling With Pets, well dogs primarily because that is the only pet I travel with

Shadow - Our Black Lab loves Hungry Bark food and the price is comparable to other brands from popular pet stores.

** Pet beds and collapsible bowls need to make the list but while hiking you really should have a doggy water bottle.

Don't forget the loved ones back at home, be sure to find your favorite online shop and send a gift to let them know you are thinking of them - Don't send them the "Someone went somewhere T-shirt". Maybe try this cool store for something different & unique.

I've saved this item for the last item because it basically means you may not be using your RV or Campervan as much as you'd like. So turn it into income!

I've started a Facebook Group, Sprinter, Transit, Promaster Shared Interests in hopes of bringing the talented and creative banners together to share ideas and get feedback from each other.


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