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A New Phase and What We are Doing Before it Starts

Before we started the last van conversion we had decided on some serious plans for 2021. The biggest of which is how and when we plan to move into the van for full-time living and traveling. Many things need to be hammered out and put into motion prior to that coming too fruition. First and foremost, what to do with the house we live in... Rent it out or Sell it? Secondly, what about all of our stuff? What about all the other people's stuff?

For several years these classic vehicles have been living in our driveway. Over the years they have attracted more interest than Darin and I put together. We have gotten random knocks on the door, notes tucked under the wipers, folks walking up into the yard asking if they were for sale.

Awesome right? Well, beastly may be a better description. Oh, and the answer was always NO, not for sale.

The jeep was a labor of love for my son and his dad. They created this unique vehicle by combining a couple of different models with their immense talent. This jeep was born in Georgia and was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada for a bit. While in Vegas it climbed around here and there before being driven to Oceanside, California. While in California it cruised the Southern California coast a little then basically sat as decoration in our driveway. I think it was last driven in November 2017.

Over the last few years we've caught bits of it while working on our van (or someone else's).. It was basically ignored with the occasional thought of, "Should we try to start it?" But instead we just kept focussed on other things. Then we began considering our grand-plan of escaping California. That plan has not been finalized yet but we keep working on it. With that in mind, we are acquiring less and getting rid of more... Hopefully we will be out of the house and full-time in the van within a matter of months.

Given that our plan is to vacate the area, it is time to get this blue beast functioning. Here is our first attempt.

A month or two later, Darin ended up on crutches so the jeep went to the back burner again. Oh, and we did my mom's van build and took a road trip to New York.

Ok - time to focus on that jeep... New battery installed... That should do it.

Nope, time to call in the big guns. We know a guy! Pepe to the rescue! We have had the privilege of knowing Pepe for several years here in Oceanside. He is a spectacular auto mechanic and an even better person, genuine to the core.

Now let's get that bad boy loaded up and moved back to Georgia! Vehicle transporters are interesting peeps. Anyway, here is the Jeep heading off on it's own adventure.

It will be missed, but at least it will not be neglected anymore, happy trails.

The gunmetal grey Toyota 1983 Land Cruiser was a little more simple when it came to re-homing. We charged the battery and drove it to it's new home, done deal.

The list is long when preparing to consolidate and live life in a van on the road. There are a few health and wellness matters to handle then after that it is all about liquidating and packing up. We have a list of things we will store and a list we will sell and a list of things we will donate and lots of stuff we will toss.

In the mean time, I for one have to stay busy. So, I'm adding to our inventory of van accessories. We have started making blackout window covers for Sprinters and Transits. Check these out:

No... I won't be taking my sewing machines with us on the road, I have a plan for that.

Part of staying busy means deciding on any upgrades or changes in our van conversion set up. We enjoy playing cards on the road and need a proper table for that when weather does not permit playing outside. So we switched out our original table top for a larger more functional one. What do you think?

This is aromatic Red Cedar. We joined two pieces to get the width we wanted and used a butcher block oil to treat it. To join two pieces of wood it is important to use the proper tool, again, we know a guy. Our pal Jim loaned us his (biscuit) plate joiner.

I used a resin to fill the holes and to create the water-mark rings. Looks like someone should have used a coaster. I like it.

Sad to say but it seems COVID-19 is not leaving our world anytime soon. So as we plan our escape from California we hope to venture across Canada and back and make our way to Alaska. International border crossings may be a challenge, however, we are card carrying vaxxers and ready for that challenge!

Safe travels to you all, subscribe to our site and follow along as we prepare for our great escape.


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