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2020 Tour of the Lower 48 completed

Allow me to interrupt the regularly scheduled program. If you read my previous post you know we had embarked on a journey that we had no set plans for. As it turns out we continued on to see all of the lower 48 states within 6 months.

These highlighted routes are in my 2020 Rand McNally atlas. We used it so much it has been taped together in multiple places and I've already purchased a 2021 version. We used a few different apps to aid in finding places to sleep and learned about the US Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds.

Throughout this journey we made few plans and met some great folks. We visited loved ones and forged new relationships. For about half the journey we sold our K.I.S.S. Airflow screens from the road and mailed them from whatever post office we were closest to at the time of the sale.

We found bits and pieces of ourselves we didn't know we had or thought we had lost years ago. There were so many laughs and smiles that at times our cheeks hurt. There were a few tears that lead to fabulous revelations and life lessons. The sights were so incredible throughout this country that we will likely do this all over again to see as much as we can of the places we missed or heard of after we had passed them by.

I so appreciate all the friends and family that allowed us to pop in relatively unannounced and understood when we said, "No thank you." to the offer of the guest bedroom. We just can't imagine anyone's guest bedroom to be as comfortable as our home on wheels.

Please come on back for the details of our journey through this wonderful country and see some of the sights we found along the way.

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Dec 03, 2020

We definitely cherish meeting you guys! I’m hoping to post every few days about the details of this epic journey


It was a pleasure meeting you both, and to have you as neighbors in Sedona. Safe travels!


It was nice to meet you on your journey, it appears you went right past my brothers house in Granger In. also.

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