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Mercedes Adventure Camper

Van Life Bloggers in a Mercedes Adventure Camper

Have you ever read stories about someone living out of a van? Unless you have a friend or family member who used to do it, you probably know very little about the van lifestyle. The good news is there’s a great way to dive into living in a Mercedes sprinter van. All you have to do is check out The Rolling Stowes.

At TheRollingStowes, we write about our experience of living in a Mercedes sprinter van. We are a married couple of van life bloggers in a Mercedes adventure camper, and we love telling our story. This is our biggest passion, and we decided that we should start writing about our experience.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it at The Rolling Stowes. Additionally, we have people who read our posts for troubleshooting help, startup help, and just for some old fashioned entertainment. We aren’t sponsored by a company or paid to endorse different products, so we give our real experiences and stories about our adventures.

We are very passionate about living out of a van. The beginning of our blog series is all about how we built our van. We outline different products we use, problems we ran into, and the best methods that we’ve found. We are far from experts, but we’re willing to share all of the secrets we used to build our van. You’ll find a ton of helpful photos along the way.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We finished our build and took our van across the country for some adventures. You’ll find a ton of different stories as we drove around, gathering experience and having fun times. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in our van though – you’ll read along and experience heartbreak and sadness between laughs with us.

In reality, The Rolling Stowes serves as a way for us to pull back the curtain and show you this alternative lifestyle. Every time we tell a new person that we’re living in a van, we watch their eyes grow wide with excitement as they rattle out a thousand different questions. We realized that it was our duty to put our story out there in the public for free. We answer all the questions you have, and we provide a great reading experience all the while.

There’s no denying that we are passionate about this space. We are so happy that we finally found this lifestyle, and we’re even happier that we decided to start sharing our stories with the world. There’s no reason to continue wondering and guessing what the van life is all about – you can read for yourself!

As we drive around, things inevitably break. It sucks for us, but it gives us an opportunity to write about what happened and how we fixed it. That’s good news for fellow van lifestylists who are looking for a little bit of help. That being said, our blogs are not specifically about troubleshooting. We just figured it doesn’t hurt, so why not throw in that information?

In June 2020, we decided that we would pack our lives into our converted van and drive away. Following a series of heartbreaks, we knew that we needed something different. So, we hit the road with no schedule or plan. Flash forward to today, and we are so grateful that we made this decision.

If you are on the fence about converting to the van lifestyle, allow our blog to inspire you. We will show you the small details of this life, and you can decide for yourself if you’ll love it as much as we do. We are super passionate about living out of a van, and when you read our blogs you’ll quickly realize why.

We hope that you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy making them. Everything comes from a place of passion, and we know that our blog posts attract a variety of people. Whatever you’re looking for in a blog post, we know that you’ll find it at The Rolling Stowes.

Visit us online today. Read our blogs, get to know us, and follow us as we drive around the country. Reach out with questions or comments via email or directly through our site. When you want to know the truth about living in a van, you need to check out The Rolling Stowes.

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